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U2tel relies on its multi-disciplinary approach to Optical Network provision to both domestic and commercial customers.

Years of

Our personnel have a combined 30-year experience in the cabling field having evolved with preceding technologies over the years.

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Our services are primarily to network owners and institutions, providing expertise in indoor and outdoor installation from outside POP right through to ONT.

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The Fourth

FTTH is the only option that delivers an end-to-end fibre network and is fast becoming the only choice for today’s homebuyers.

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Right of Way

We take the hassle out of the wayleave process. Our specialist teams handle all the processes needed to install FTTx services into premises across the UK.

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Our trained experts schedule an appointment to identify the best route possible to attain a high quality & seamless installation.

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Once the survey has been completed we provide a detailed plan layout and provide a project plan detailing start to finish time lines.

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Once the wayleave & designs are in place we schedule an installation into the desired property. The installations entail and include conduit and gantry installation, internal cable reticulation and ONT installations.

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Cable, Splice
& Test

Our services are an FTTP network which means we lay 100% fibre optic cable, end-to-end, directly to every premises through ducts.

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Multiroom Audio & Multimedia

Music can be relaxing, make us happy and reduce stress.

  • Why not create moments of happiness in Smart Home through music?

  • Wake up to your favourite song in the morning and let relaxing music wind you down after a long day at work.

  • Audio goes beyond music for specific functions like a doorbell when someone is at the door or an alarm in case of emergency.

  • Get creative with multiroom audio and multimedia.

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Energy Management & Electrical

Controlling energy use continues to be important as we continue to grapple with rising energy costs further to considering doing our bit for the environment.

  • Our automated energy management and appliance control solutions are absolutely essential to a modern home.

  • Our solutions are tailored to geyser control, lighting control (mockupation).

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U2tel personnel

U2tel personnel are equipped with the know how to design & build sustainable purpose-built networks including bespoke converged fibre.

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